Mother Asuncion sought exercise charity in the style of Jesus of Nazareth. Like the “Good Samaritan” she gave herself up to the unconditional service to the poorest, marginalized, injured people… to the extent that historical conditions allowed.

Impelled by the Spirit she founded a Congregation with the mission of responding to the urgencies of each times; does not indicate own of proper work in any field.  Each stage of history would guide its place and its service, whether in the pastoral or in the socio-charitable and educational activities. In those times, would either be hospitals, prisons, seminaries, the orphaned children of  children of prisoners  and the sick, the elderly… we must remember that the foundation  was in the year 1924, which was  followed by social, political and economically troubled times. Wherever the most needy people were, there would be the Carmelite Sisters, to serve and to accompany the beloved of God, alleviating sorrows and lacks as far as their strength was given, trusting in God always, abandoned  to God’s Providence, as they had learned from Mother Asuncion. The Providence took them out of many and great troubles, economically and of all kinds.

Mother Asunción prayed, worked; shared sacrifices, sufferings and joys. Nothing was strange to her personal experience because she was tireless, in visiting and sharing the tasks of the Sisters. 

She could not visit the communities in other Continents for health reasons. She kept with all frequent correspondence, and was constant in reminding that service should be exercised with respect, with a great love, with humility, with joy, as one who serves Jesus Christ Himself.    

The interior life and prayer life of Mother Asuncion, her many hours before the Tabernacle were the source of her dedication to others without reserve; selflessly, gratuitously, without waiting for human reward.   Here is one of the testimonies already in her time:

“…every day you could see her more devoted to God, every day shows more charity with the fellow creatures.  That is how we could see her through the incidents of a few years; and said in honors of the truth, I always saw in her words and deeds the Christian sincerity and the true humility that tries to conceal and disguise everything that is her own merit or reason for praise”. (D. Cristóbal Romero, Priest. MÁLAGA 1948)   

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